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I would like to invite you to our first ever online bull sale auction beginning April 15 th ! Starting with the best of Bon View Angus cow lines, we have been breeding Angus cattle going on now for 25 years. Using Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer within our operation has allowed us to give our customers the best possible genetics consisting of cattle that are easy fleshing and highly efficient. We have developed our cattle on grass and mixed grass-hay, and a high quality mineral diet for 9 years. No grains have ever been introduced. This is a true way to identify functional easy fleshing bulls that will breed cows while maintaining excellent condition. From a seed stock perspective, we feel it is truly the right and natural way to grow and condition bulls that will continue to develop in a way that pleases our customers. It has been our experience that bulls developed this way have maintained a consistent upward growth that do not fall apart due to a restructuring of the rumen when turned out on pasture. Terms: Customers are welcome to view lots prior to the sale both at our webpage, or on location at Knutson Farm. Bulls will be selling online via a link at . Bidding will open on April 15 th , with closing bids beginning at 6pm on April 24 th . During that time, all lots will remain live given a bid is placed every 5 minutes after which time bidding will be closed. Semen testing will be conducted prior to delivery with arrangements available. A 50% semen interest will be retained on all bulls, with full possession going to the highest bidder. Thank you for considering Knutson Angus as a part of your program. If you have any questions on the bulls selling this year, I would be happy to visit with you in helping to make a selection to suit your individual herds goals and needs. Sincerely, Gary Knutson K F