Neiman Cattle Co. 2-21-19

Neiman Cattle Dear Cattleman Welcome and thank you for your interest in the 2019 Neiman Cattle Company Bull Sale. We are again offering 63 2-year-old Purebred Angus Bulls. These bulls have been tested, challenged and sorted for everything from birthweight to performance and almost everything in between and represent the top 40% of the cattle in our program. Again, in an effort to help the folks at the BFLA get through their weekly sale earlier we will start selling bulls at high noon. We hope that this isn’t an inconvenience for anyone and again if you are unable to make the sale, for any reason, feel free to call and we have plenty of good people who can handle your bids and/or questions and again this year we will be broadcasting the sale on the internet via DVAuction. Of course, if you can make it please join us for free pie and coffee from the gang in the sale barn café. Of course, we would not be able to pull any of this off without a lot of help. First off, we need to thank both the Palm and Neiman families. Casey and Nellie are with us on almost a daily basis, helping with everything from watching the kids to watching heifers and everything in between. We couldn’t do it without them and wouldn’t want to try. Also, although we are no longer technically in business, the Neiman family is still very important to “making things work” as grandpa would say. We trade labor, equipment, feed, facilities just for starters. We are happy to also be very involved in the genetics side, providing seed stock and marketing for their commercial endeavors. To our main man, Andrew Nelson, sometimes he starts the fires, but he’s always the one that puts them out and he repairs the aftermath. Also thanks to the Belle Fourche Livestock Auction for hosting the sale; Jim Meyers and the Belle Fourche Veterinary Clinic; Kyle Sonnie, Ryan, Kaycie, Sutton & Royce Neiman Neiman Cattle Company Innes with Cowboy Country Veterinary for keeping us on the right track with herd health and inspection; Chrisman Cattle Services for professional AI and Catalog Services; Laney Goold for freeze brands and clipping; Ryan Large with DVAuction for videos and editing; Curt Cox for pictures; not to mention the countless friends and neighbors that make this business a real pleasure to be involved in. Given the continued market volatility and extreme variability in region weather and climate, we still believe that the proven, maternally oriented cattle we strive for give us all the best opportunity for profitability. By emphasizing the converting of low quality forage (grass) into high quality protein (beef) we are choosing cattle that thrive in this local environment of often harsh winters and variable summers. In the winter we continue to use scales on a variety of feeding equipment to insure that our cattle are strictly fed what they need to meet their needs, but not wasteful. Like a commercial operation, we will continue to require our cows and heifers to calve with minimal assistance, raise a calf that is ideally 50% of her own body weight or higher and breed back in short order. Those that can do it year in and year out are what we strive for. Almost 40% of the bulls in this sale have dams that are over 8-years-old. And we have again added a longevity index to help display which cattle are getting it done year in and year out for us. There is a definite stigma in the industry that these moderate, easy fleshing genetics we promote can result in lost opportunity for growth and performance on the cow and in the feed lot. Quite the contrary, at weaning in the fall of 2017, our average cow weight (332 hd ages 2 to 17) weighed 1247 with an average body condition of 4.87 and a conception rate of 96% in 45 days. 173 hd of bulls and steers had a 205-day-weight 632 (50.9% of cow). After wintering on distillers, supplemented rye grass, corn stocks and a 15 day stay in the grow yard, the steers had a pay weight of 980lbs on June 7. They were way too heavy, the market was terrible and we lost a bundle. But it proved, that given the chance, these cattle will feed. We are very proud of this set of cows and bulls and would love to show you around anytime! Thanks again and hope to see you February 21st! Neiman Cattle Company