Violeta Ranch Beefmaster 1-16-21

At the Ranch Hebbronville, Texas Lunch served 12 Noon Violeta Ranch Beefmasters (210) 648-5475 (210) 415-0888, Cell Eddie Garza (361) 319-6653 Announcing the Garza Family’s 60thAnnual Violeta Ranch Beefmaster Production Sale This sale will be broadcast live on the internet. Real time bidding & proxy bidding available. 402/316-5460 For your convenience, cattle will be available for viewing from 9 to 5 on Friday and Saturday prior to the sale. You may attend the sale or bid from the convenience of your home. Violeta Ranch: Offering 80 head of which 40 are Registered and 40 are Commercial Replacement Females from 60 years of production at Violeta Ranch including 20 Bulls, 20 Pairs and 20 Bred Heifers of which 10 are heavy bred to calve in the spring and 10 are short bred to calve in the fall. All calves at side are sired by Angus bulls and all bred heifers are bred to Angus bulls. Also selling 10 solid red commercial Red Angus X Beefmaster bred heifers. By Rancho El Niño Feliz — Zapata, Texas: 3 Pairs—Red Angus X Beefmaster 6 Heavy Bred Heifers/Pairs by sale time—Red Angus X Beefmaster Saturday, January 16, 2021 • 1 PM