Strand SimAngus - Updated - 2-11-21

Lot 12 Lot 27 Design by The Cattle Business Weekly • 605-859-2022 • P.O. Box 700 • Philip, SD 57567 Dear 2021 Bull Buyers, I hope this letter finds you healthy and in good spirits. With everything going on in our world right now, we could all use a little joy! This past year hasn’t been easy for any of us. In July I (Laramie) had an accident that broke my right leg. After a couple surgeries, 2 plates and a bunch of screws later, I’m back on my feet (with a little hobble). It was a long journey through the whole healing process, but I’m walking away from 2020 grateful to be where I am. It just goes to show that if we have faith and trust, the Lord will always provide and take care of us. Things here on the ranch have been a little different. This past fall I bought dads bull calves and decided to take on the bull sale. This of course adds a whole new level of stress to this time of year and my family. As for this year’s calf crop, we decided to try something a little different by eliminating creep feed to reveal the true potential performance in our calves. Let me tell you what, it sure revealed itself. They flourished on nothing but grass andmomma’s milk. They averaged just over 3 lbs./day gain, and weaned with an average weight of 712 lbs. Right now, we have been feeding them ground hay, long stem hay\ and ground ear corn. We strive to bring you performance that is bred on not fed on. We figure if our bulls can grow on their own, we can’t imagine what their calves will do on full feed. If there are any questions feel free to give us a call, or if you’re in our neck of the woods the coffee’s always on. We always love to show off ours bulls and around our operation. Our sale will be held on Thursday, February 11 at 1:00 with preview and lunch starting at 11:30. The ranch is just 12 miles North of Platte right on HWY 45. If you’re coming from the North, we are 12 South of I-90 off Platte exit. Sincerely, Laramie - 605-682-9016 Rod - 605-680-7628 Main Event Durango Lot 47 Lot 48 Lot 49 Lot 50 Come early to preview bulls in person. All bulls sell through DVAuction on the Ranch See You at the Sale!