Schurrtop Ranch 12-3-21

W elcome to our annual fall coming two year old bull sale. We are offering our younger March and April born bulls that are specifically held for this sale. They are the deepest quality set we have ever offered. More proven efficient genetics with cow herd building traits to produce more with less. Efficiency equals more cows on less acres and progeny that do the same or more while consuming less inputs. It’s a really simple recipe for adding profit to your operation. Now and into the future, payweight, quality and efficiency are more important than ever. We are extensively testing these genetics in the real world through progeny testing from the feedyard, cowherd and kill data. Please keep in mind that EPDs are designed to be a measure of difference. The most important way of measuring the value of genetics is net return. These bulls are bred that way for generations and will sire market topping progeny and females that will pay their own way. If you have any questions, need more information, or just want to talk about the cattle business, feel free to call or email us anytime. Thank You— The Schurrs ALL BULLS WILL BE FERTILITY TESTED AND ARE BREEDERS Email: Hwy 83 I-80 McCook * View the bulls until 3 days prior to the sale 3½ miles west of Junction 83, 23 - Maywood , Nebraska SALE LOCATION: TRI-STATE LIVESTOCK, McCook, NE is located directly south of John Deere, which is located on the west end of town. Lunch will be available. LIVESTOCK PRESS REPRESENTATIVES Western Livestock Journal..................................................... JIM GElS Charolais Journal.................................................... HADLEY SCHOTTE High Plains Journal.......................................................... NICK WELLS Western Ag Reporter....................................................... ALAN SEARS Livestock Plus.............................................................. RANDY RASBY AUCTIONEER - TRENT STEWART - World Champion Livestock Auctioneer SALE DAY PHONE: (308) 345-1493 GENERAL INFORMATION ACCOMMODATIONS: There are a number of motels in McCook. Cobblestone Hotel & Suites and Holiday Inn Express are located on Highways 6, 34 and 83. Cobblestone 308-777-2000. Holiday Inn Express 308-345-4505. DELIVERY: Free Bull Delivery within 300 miles on purchases of $3500 or more, and assistance on all deliveries. GUARANTEE: Schurrtop guarantees that all bulls sold in this sale are fertile to the best of our knowledge and will have satisfactory semen quality to breed cows by natural service during the breeding season. The breeding season is defined as 60 days after the bull is turned into the breeding pasture. Schurrtop reserves the right on non-satisfactory semen evaluation rechecks performed by the buyer to have a professional semen evaluation by an evaluator of Schurrtop’s choice. This guarantee does not include mortality, a life threatening injury, freeze damage due to winter elements, or mismanagement. We will not replace a dead animal if it is killed or has to be humanely destroyed for any reason. An American Livestock Insurance Company representative will be available sale day to insure your purchases for mortality, the cost is 4% for 6 months or 6% for 1 year coverage. Under no circumstance shall Schurrtop be liable for more than the original purchase price of the bull, minimum salvage value will be valued at $2500. This guarantee for Schurrtop Angus & Charolais bulls is in addition to the modified suggested terms and conditions of sale from the American Angus Association, which also apply. These terms and conditions are listed on the American Angus Assocation’s website. Claims must be received prior to September 1, 2022. INSURANCE: A Liberty Mutual representative will be available sale day to insure your purchases for mortality, the cost is 4% for 6 months coverage. UPDATED INFORMATION: Scrotal measurements and final weights will be provided sale day, if available. Announcements during the sale will supersede information presented in this catalog. PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: The EPDs on the sale cattle are from the Fall of 2021. The EPDs in the catalog are the most current available and will be more current than what will be on your registration paper if you do not ask for your papers to be transferred to you. REGISTRATION TRANSFER: If you would like your registration papers transferred to you, please notify the clerk at time of settlement. Please leave your membership number with the clerk on the settlement sheet. HERD HEALTH: All bulls are vaccinated for IBR, BRSV, P13, BVD, 7-Way - haemophilus and are poured with Ivomec. Due to recently adopted more stringent state health requirements in certain states, it may take 3 plus days to run the extra tests necessary for interstate health papers. Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) and (NH)—all cattle with known descendants that are carriers of the AM, NH or OS gene have been tested free of the defect. SALE ORDER: We will start the sale with approximately one-half of the Charolais bulls followed by one-half of theAngus bulls and so on.The bulls are cataloged in no particular order. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS 1. The above terms and conditions of sale shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal and shall be equally binding upon both. Each sale or resale of an animal constitutes a separate transaction. 2. Neither Schurrtop Ranch, the sale manager, nor any other person connected with the management of the sale, assumes any liability, legal or otherwise. GUARANTEE continued in next column FIRST YEAR BREEDING, LOSS OF USE COVERAGE All bulls selling for $3000 or more will be covered 50% by Schurrtop Angus & Charolais if they are injured during their first season and not able to return to service. Season is defined as: Upon delivery through the 60-day period following the first turnout of the bulls. 50% of the value of the injured bull, minus salvage value, will be given as credit in a future sale or toward a replacement bull if one is available. All injured bulls must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Please notify us as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to the injured bull being sold for salvage. The buyer retains all salvage value. All claims must be made by September 1, 2022. EXPLANATION OF RATINGS ON THE BULLS SELLING CE = Calving Ease - Based on birth weight, birth EPD, 3 generations of pedigree and physical traits of the actual bull 3 = Use on Cows 4 = Use on Larger Framed Heifers and Cows 5 = Use on All Heifers and Cows DISP = Disposition - Every bull in this sale is very acceptably tame. However we scored the difference when in a small 12x12 pen by themselves with people in each corner. 5 is the tamest and 4 is very acceptable for most producers. FRAME = The difference in visual frame score based on projected mature hip height within our herd. 5 indicates the bigger framed bulls, 4 average, and 3 indicates less than average frame within our herd. Kay 308/569-2520 Marty 308/362-4330 or 320-4328 Email: Ryan 308/320-4067 Jerry 308/530-9652 View videos at Visit and Register Today For General Questions Please Contact (402) 316-5460 or Be sure to register in advance for a buyer number. See Bull Videos Prior to Sale or Bid Live on Sale Day