Safari Club International 5-22-21

2021 Tampa Bay Chapter Auction Guide 1. Specially Made Ryes in Shine Moonshine from Njoy Spirits Pure 100% farm grown Rye Moonshine straight from the still. With no additives or preservatives this is truly pure 150 proof moonshine whiskey. Presented this evening is a 375 ML Signature Bottle. Njoy Spirits Distillery is situated on eighty acres deep in the spring fed cypress woods of Old Florida. Also, included are a set of SCI engraved glasses. Natalie and Kevin Goff, NJoy Spirits, Weeki Wachee, FL Value $95 2. Unleashed Global Adventures - Spanish Mountain hunt for two hunters Spain is an ideal country for hunting, its geographical location and its topography makes it perfect for this sport, offering a variety of animals. Offered is hunt from Gonzalo, Spanish Mountain hunt. The donation works as follows – Gonzalo pays 1 Iberian Red Deer, Fallow Deer or Iberian Mouflon Sheep = $3,500.00 21% V.A.T. on this items = $1,438.50 Total donation = $3,500.00 + $1,438.50 = $4,938.50 Not Included 4 Days daily rate for the hunter at $750.00/day = $3,000.00 1 Hunting License at $200.00 = $200.00 (to be pay by each hunter) 1 Hunting Insurance to hunt all around Spain = $150.00 (to be pay by each hunter) The hunter pay $3,000.00 + $200.00 + $150.00 = $3,350.00 – Plus: Taxidermist professional trophy preparation (boiling and cleaning of skull and horns and drying of hide) at $250.00 per trophy - Vet Certificates and export documents at $200.00 per trophy - 21% V.A.T. on this items Also, if you like Wing Shooting, you have to hunt our Red Legged Partridge, with its unique and challenging flight pattern much sought after by wing shooters from all over the world. Gonzalo Colomina, Spanish Mountain Hunts (941) 587 0444 Value $ 4938.50