Fraser's Total Performance - Updated - 3-15-21

ON LINE BIDDING AVAILABLE AGAIN THIS YEAR  We invite those of you who are unable to attend to be part of the action!  We would never want to give someone an excuse not to attend this event, but if the situation arises, we have you covered.  With the help of we are now able to give you a live connection to the auction. Real-time bidding will be available via the internet for this sale. Live audio and videos of each lot will allow buyers to bid on animals as if they were present at the sale.  Create your Bidding Account with DVAuction!  Go to and click on "Create New Account".  Fill in all fields and accept the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions. Click on Create New Account.  On the next screen, click Apply for Bidding.  Choose Option 1) Credit Card Approval or Option 2) Bank Approval  If you are not comfortable providing this info to DVAuction, that is ok! Call Sarah Buchanan at 306-681-5340  Check your Email for an Account Activation message from DVAuction. Click this link and you are all ready to go.  On sale day, log in to with your email address and password.  Click the green "View" button beside the Fraser's Total Performance Bull Sale. This will take you to the sale site.  Accept the Terms & Conditions (left side of screen) to get your bid button.  Log in 1 hour before sale time to Practice Bidding.  Let us make it even easier for you! Contact Sarah Buchanan at 306-681-5340 or Emily Gibson at 519-440-9907 to get set up over the phone. Lunch will be served if covid restrictions allow us to.