Galaxy Beef 2-21-20

40 Bred Heifers 24 Fall Open Heifers Commercial Bred Heifers 30 Yearling Bulls 10 18-month Bulls NOV. 24, 5 P.M. K i r k s v i l l e L i v e s t o c k Ma r k e t K i r k s v i l l e , MO G A L A X Y B E E F . C O M attlemen, sincerely hope this letter finds you comfortable and prosperous. Around our place the eather in 2018 made us anything but comfortable. Drought conditions at the wrong ime, a bunch of rain when that was a pain. Overall an average year for weather, just a ang hard way of getting there. We look forward t getting bac to “normal” weather in 019. ue to the drought conditions in the summer of 2018 we decided to hold off on a ale last fall. Thus, this spring we are holding two events, one in Macon and one in aryville. Splitting the sale in 2 see ed natural as I have a son in each location and a reat customer base in both areas. 2 sales will hopefully make it more convenient for ou to join us at one or the other. he first, on Friday February 9, 2019 at 4:00PM, will offer 55 Angus bulls and 20 top- nd heifers, breds and donors. We have remodeled the big building on the farm south f Macon into a sale facility, will bring all the animals through the ring as usual and the ale will be broadcast on DVAuction. he second sale will be held on our usual 2nd Sa turday on March 9, 2019 at United RUSSEL MILLER (660) 254-1337 • RANDY MILLER DVM (660) 415-6339 • STEVE MILLER (660) 582-1334 21146 400TH ST., GRAHAM, MO 64455 • GALAXYBEEF@HOTMAIL.COM PRODUCTION SALE FEBRUARY 21, 2020 I 5 PM (CT) AT THE FARM IN MACON, MO ON HWY. 63 SOUTH OF MACON FEMALES PREGNANCIES EMBRYOS 29 BULLS 72