Strand SimAngus 1-21-19

Lot 65 Lot 66 Lot 5 Lot 64 Lot 57 Lot 58 Lot 59 Lot 60 Lot 61 Lot 62 Lot 11 Lot 23 Lot 52 Design by The Cattle Business Weekly • 605-859-2022 • P.O. Box 700 • Philip, SD 57567 FROM THE STRANDS First, we would like to tell you our goal as a bull & cattle producer. We here at Strand Sim/Angus believe that thickness & pounds should be bred on not fed on. Also, we strive to raise bulls with the Commercial Cattlemen in mind. Bulls that are easy fleshing, with calving ease and vigor at birth, have excellent carcass value, and have that extra rib that we all like to see with a good disposition to boot. Second, we would like to tell you a little of how our bulls are fed. We feed our bulls 11 lbs. of ground ear corn/day, along with free choice long stemmed hay and a mixture of ground hay/alfalfa and corn silage. We believe this ration does not over feed the bull but develops the bull in a way that ensures soundness and longevity in any condition or terrain. But all in all, just remember “Pounds is where the money is!” The coffee is always on here at Strand Sim/Angus. Stop in to visit or give Rod a call at (605) 680-7628 or Laramie at (605) 682- 9016 or email us at sure to visit our website Sincerely, Rod & Sheri Laramie & Sawyer & Sons Lot 56 Heifer Bull Heifer Bull Heifer Bull Heifer Bull Heifer Bull