O'Neill Angus 1-14-19

Angus 24250 292 nd St • Cody, Ne Cody, Nebraska 69211 Tony O’Neill 605-685-1061 - 605-515-3540 (cell) Tony O’Neill - 605-515-3540 Watch & bid online for FREE at DVAuction Customer Service/Bidder Approval Office(402) 316-5460 Emaildva@dvauction.com www.dvauction.com For more than 30 years we have been producing seedstock with the astute cattleman in mind, always concentrating on the female side of the equation, keeping the other attributes in mind like carcass, frame size, disposition and soundness, but always thinking the bulls we use will produce a great female. As cowmen, we must realize that the visual appraisal, phenotype, structure, reproductive soundness, keep ability have never been as important as they are right now. Your satisfaction remains to be of my highest priority and if there is a problem, I will take care of it, regardless of what the problem might entail. The bulls that these cows are producing will no doubt transfer down to the most important part of our operation which is you, our customer. The sale was held in our calving barn for the first time in 29 years and turned out to be a great success and will be handled the same way this year. Be sure to stop by! I have sold a few cows to B-O Angus (Bow and Edie Hacker). This will ensure that the 2nd in command has a vested interest in the cowherd, as well as the productivity of this operation. I look forward to making great strides and progress with Bow and Edie in this operation and all I can say is WELCOME ABOARD! WEATHER ALERT!! If the weather is unfavorable or has the potential of being rough, I would ask that you take the time to call to make sure that there are no cancellations or changes.