Graff/Tumbling T 2-2-19

Combining Our Herds With These Sires Bull Sale Feb. 2 nd 1 pm MST 7 1/2 miles east of Ogallala,NE Selling Registered Angus and Angus Yearlings, 2 Year Olds and Fall Bulls Graff Cattle Tumbling T Angus Lot 24 Lot 11 ANGUS GENETICS Heading To The Scale For Your Profits! Connealy Big Money Connealy Special Agent S A V Purebred Connealy Armory Stetson 100X Connealy Top Money Bullerman Unlimited K C F Bennett the Rock Connealy Captain 082E S A V Competitor Lot 1 Lot 47 Lot 5 Lot 78