Lone Star Angus 3-23-19

RODNEY & MARGARET HOWELL • GAINESVILLE, TX • 940-665-9211 • rodney@lonestarangus.biz www.lonestarangus.com Superior Genetics Through Embryo Transfer L NE STAR ANGUS Welcome to the Sale... Friends and Fellow Cattlemen: It is a wonderful thing to watch as a wet winter turns into a green spring. Surely warmer weather and lush grass are headed our way. We would like to give special thanks to Brandon McGuire, our ranch manager, for having the sale offering and herd in great condition. This year’s bulls are sired by the best Angus bulls in the breed. We believe that they are the finest we have ever offered. Here at Lone Star Angus, we are blessed by long-standing relationships with many customers who show their continued support by buying our bulls yearly. Thank you for your continued support. Without you, we would not be where we are today! We will be honored for you to attend our 2019 Production Sale. In order to best serve our customers, our sale will be on Saturday, March 23, 2019. This is intended to be helpful for our bull buyers who turn out bulls April 1. In order to accommodate our customers with a later turn out date, we are willing to care for your new bulls at our ranch until they are needed. All bulls must be pickup at ranch by May 15, 2019. If you have any questions about the sale or our ranch program, please do not hesitate to call or stop by at any time. We love to talk cattle! Sincerely, Rodney & Margaret Howell BACK ROW: BRADY, ALISON, CLAIRE AND BRETT HOWELL. FRONT ROW: MARGARET, PAULINE AND RODNEY HOWELL. PICTURED IN FRONT OF MARYSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH. KATELYN, BLAKE AND BRANDON MCGUIRE. OUR RANCH MANAGER AND HIS GROWING FAMILY. WE OWE SO MUCH TO PAST GENERATIONS. MOMWAS LAID TO REST ON HER 90 TH BIRTHDAY, MARCH 20, 2018.