Ford Ranch 11-12-19

They All Sell - Over 700Head! Complete Dispersal - F ord R anch November 12, 2019 • 12:00 noon Jacoby’s Cafe • Melvin, Texas 101 North Main Street, Melvin, Texas 76858 (325) 286-4242 • Ford Ranch CowHerd The Ford Ranch cow herd is living proof that disciplined selection applied over time is the recipe to build an efficient cow herd with tremendous environmental adaptability. This herd is the culmination of several years of contracting a hand-picked sort of 200 Red Angus sired heifers from the legendary King Ranch program. Then adding two to four more generations of front-of-the-sale Red Angus sires - selected by Scott Moore and Donnell Brown from the R.A.Brown Ranch Annual October sale. Donnell & Kelli Brown have been on the cutting edge in identifying multi- ple trait genetics that improve feed efficiency and cow/calf profitability. Ford Ranch’s result has been a high percentage Red Angus female that expresses tremendous reproductive efficiency and productivity in one of Texas’ harshest environment. Steers that earn Buyer loyalty - Ford Ranch’s reputation feeder cattle have been purchased by the same Kansas cattle feeder for each of the last six years, thanks in large part to the ranch’s genetic inputs that excel for feed efficiency and carcass merit. Fertility that’s hard to Match - The Bellah family in Throckmorton County has purchased the Ford heifers three of the last 5 years to use in their heifer development program. Most recently, the 2018 heifer crop bred up at 57% for synchronized A.I. and then after exposure to R.A. Brown Calving Ease sires had an overall breed-up of 97%. These heifers were marketed through the 2019 R.A. Brown Ranch Annual Fall Bull & Female sale, and were the high selling commercial bred heifers - the 2nd time the Ford Ranch heifers have topped that prestigious event. Greg Comstock Sales Consultant: 804-647-0127