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1000 Head Sell • Dec. 15th, 1 PM Hub City Livestock Aberdeen, SD TOP CUT PROGRESSIVE FEMALES Conception. Calving Ease. Carcass. Cows. These elite bulls from ABS are the service sires to the bred heifers for sale. Visit ulmerlandandcattle.com | Ross Ulmer Frederick, SD | 605.380.9317 | U2genetics@nrctv Hub City Livestock | Steve Hellwig 605.380. 3905 230 hd blk sim. (Burgod/ Aesoph origin) ABS-Boulder Blk Simm. 2/15 - 1 day 120 hd Mogck Frontman 1141 sired blk angus (King/Weigel origin) ABS-Hickok Blk Angus 2/15 - 1 day 120 hd blk angus (Treeby/Beitelspacher origin) ABS-Hickok Blk Angus 3/17 - 1 day 100 hd Charolais Bucksins (Sandmeier Charolais origin) ABS- Browns Premier Red Angus 2/21 - 1 day 210 hd Purebred Red Angus (Kaup Red Angus origin) ABS-Browns Premier Red Angus 2/26 - day 150 hd (PIE Cinch) sired Red Angus ABS-Browns Premier Red Angus 2/11 - 1 day 130 hd Commerical Red Angus (Kahl/Emery origin) ABS Browns Premier Red Angus 2/11 - 1 day • I’D offspring • Pelvic measured and Number Branded • Fetal Programmed and Beta Carotene enhanced • Full vaccination and health program • Purina Nutrition Minerals CCR BOULDER 1339A Owned by: Cow Camp Ranch LLC, KS; Gibbs Farms, AL; ABS Global, Inc., WI ASA 2880390 - Born 08/31/2013 BROWN PREMIER X7876 Owned by: R.A. Brown Ranch Family, TX; Crump Red Angus, WY; Howard Red Angus, OK; B & L Red Angus, OK; ABS Global, Inc., WI RAAA 1379610 - Born 01/14/2010 MILL BAR HICKOK 7242 Owned by: Mill Bar Angus, NE; Lemar Angus Ranch, SD; ABS Global, Inc., WI AAA AAA 17351674 - Born 01/23/2012 BID LIVE DV AUCTION SD-555423-1 Bred to America’s Top A.I. Sires U2 U lmer l and and C attle G enetiCs