Spruce Hill 2-18-18

S pruce H ill R anch – C ombined A dvantage – A ngus & S im A ngus B ulls 1 General Information SALE DAY PHONE: 605-576-3208 AUCTIONEERS: Lynn Weishaar • 605-866-4670 Seth Weishaar • 605-892-2640 • Cell 602-210-1124 REPRESENTATIVES: Dan Piourtek................ Tri-State Livestock News ..........605-544-3316 Chris Effling.................. Tri-State Livestock News ..........605-769-0142 Scott Weishaar................. Western Ag Reporter .............701-872-5299 Tony Heinz..................... Cattle Business Weekly ............701-400-4435 HEALTH: At branding time, calves receive Inforce 3 Intranansal, Vision 7, Once PmH and injectable Dectomax. At weaning these bulls received Vista once, SQ and Vision 7 with Spur and were poured. They were boostered a month later. We also vaccinate with Multimin supplement for additional copper. These bulls have been poured with Ivomec several times. Health certifi- cates will be provided, if necessary. TERMS: Cattle will sell under the suggested Terms and Conditions of the American Angus Association (http://www.angus.org/Pub/ suggested_sale_terms. pdf). All cattle will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as sold. BRAND INSPECTION: A brand inspector will be available sale day. GUARANTEE: We are offering insurance the day of the sale to cover loss of use and mor- tality (see Insert). We will cover half of the premium (5%). If you choose not to purchase the policy, we will still cover your bull in the case of loss of use, the coverage will be provided in a replacement for the current breed- ing season. We will explain this in complete detail the day of the sale. All two year old bulls have passed a semen evaluation exam. DELIVERY: As in the past, we are offering free delivery on all the bulls in the sale. You are welcome to take your bulls home sale day, however it would be our pleasure to deliver your bull(s). We would enjoy the opportunity to spend some time with you individually and see your operation. The two year olds are ready to go to their new home, however, they can be kept free of charge until March 1st. After that we will charge you feed fed. We encourage you to get them home and situated in their new environ- ment as soon as possible. Yearlings will be kept until April 1st free of charge. They will be semen tested and delivered. We will be offering $100 discount per bull if you choose to take them home before March 1st. REGISTRATION: All of these bulls have been genomic tested or parentage tested through the American Angus Association. If you would like your purchases transferred in your name, let us know. We would be happy to do this for you. The American Angus Association is developing programs to help you market progeny from registered bulls. In order to qualify for programs, your herd bulls need to be transferred into your name. If you have questions about these programs or transferring papers, please ask, we will be glad to help. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements made sale day take precedence over any printed material. ANY PERSON ATTENDING THE SALE DOES SO AT HIS OWN RISK. Neither the owners, nor any person connected with this sale assumes any liability, legal or otherwise. HOST MOTELS: If you are in need of hotel reservations, please let us know. We have several new hotels in the area and would be happy to assist you with any reservations. RANCH LOCATION: The ranch is located one mile south and three miles west of Ludlow on Welch Fire Place Road OR 19 miles north of Buffalo and three miles west on Welch Fire Place Road. COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH: Please join us for lunch starting at 12:00 noon sale day. C ombined A dvantage 24th Annual A ngus & S im A ngus B ull S ale FEBRUARY 18, 2018 • 2:00 P.M. AT THE RANCH • LUDLOW, SD Selling 80 2-year-old Angus and SimAngus bulls & 12 January SimAngus yearling bulls