Broseco final version catalog

Sale Terms &Conditions: 1) All announcements from the auction block will take precedence over this and all other printed material. 2) Terms of the sale are cash, your good check or bank wire. Payment must be received by Broseco Ranch Prior to taking delivery of cattle. 3) This is a complete dispersal. Every effort has and will be made to disclose any known defects. All cattle have been preg checked and infor- mation in this catalog reflects the finding of our veterinarian and or embryo transfer/artificial insemination technician. 4) If you cannot attend the sale, online bidding will be available through DV Auction and Superior Livestock Video’ “Click-2-Bid”. If you are inter- ested in bidding via either of these options make sure you register prior to sale day. To view video of the cattle selling use these links: • DV Auction : • Superior Livestock Video Auction : 5) No cattle will be loaded until after the sale, and then only Registered females and bulls will be loaded. 6) No Commercial females will be loaded on sale day. All Commercial Females: Lots 70-74 and 87-98 sell we per-determined delivery dates. This is necessary given the large number of cattle that will need to be kept separate from other lots and only 2-3 traps that have access to cor- rals and loading facilities at any one time. Please make yourself aware of the delivery schedule on the commercial females. 7) All cattle sell FOB - Broseco Ranch, Omaha, Texas. It will be each buyers’ responsibility to arrange trucking for their purchases. 8) The cattle may be viewed prior to the sale. Please contact the Ranch office if you’d like to arrange to view the sale cattle prior to sale day. 9) Broseco reserves the right to change the order in which groups of cattle sell. Within those groups (registered females, bulls, commercial females, etc) cattle will sell in catalog order) 10) If you have any questions about how the groups of females will be sold, please contact Broseco Ranch. Broseco Ranch Registered Red Angus The following 60 head of Red Angus females had some blemish or issue that made them not suitable October 2016 Broseco Dispersal - R.A.Brown Ranch female sale. Those issues have been resolved and these 60 lots include several elite individuals that we felt needed to con- tribute to the Red Angus breed following Broseco’s departure from both the seedstock and commercial cow/calf sectors. Registered females will sell in catalog order. Any known defects will be disclosed prior to the sale. Calving information was current through January 26, 2018 when this was printed. Broseco reserves the right to withdraw from this dispersal any animal they feel has an issue that will significantly detract from its usefulness to its new owner. Broseco Ranch Tom Woodward • 940-393-6316 • • Ranch Office • 903.884.2101 • Complete Dispersal of Broseco Ranch herd February 16, 2018 at the ranch, Omaha, Texas - Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Commercial Producer of the Year - - Red Angus Association of America Commercial Producer of the Year - Lot 1 Red Angus Bred Cow ID Reg# DoB Cat - % HB GM CED BW WW YW Milk HPG CEM STAY MRB YG CW REA C6136 3522675 11/13/15 1A - 100% 163 53 10 -3.8 61 100 18 10 4 14 0.94 0.12 24 -0.13 Sire MGS Calf: BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334 BROWN COMMITMENT S7206 Breeding Exposed to Brown Commandeer B119 through 6/30/17. Lot 3 Red Angus Bred Cow ID Reg# DoB Cat - % HB GM CED BW WW YW Milk HPG CEM STAY MRB YG CW REA D6202 3522709 1/7/16 1A - 100% 169 54 16 -6.3 62 108 20 8 3 14 0.82 0.01 26 0.19 Sire MGS Calf: BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334 LJC LANCER 806 Breeding Exposed to Brown Commandeer B119 through 6/30/17. Lot 2 Red Angus Cow/Calf Pair ID Reg# DoB Cat - % HB GM CED BW WW YW Milk HPG CEM STAY MRB YG CW REA C6140 3522694 11/13/15 1A - 100% 169 54 14 -3.7 66 114 17 11 3 14 0.72 0 33 0.4 Sire MGS Calf: Heifer Calf - ID: E108, Born 12-28-17 Sired By 5L Independence 560-298Y BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334 BROWN REVELATION P7021 Breeding Cow Sells open/ready to rebreed Broseco Dispersal Sale Order • Lots 1-60 - Registered Red Angus Females • Lots 61-69 - Red Angus - Lots of 5 purebred Red Angus females. • Lots 70-74 - Commercial Lots (40-160+ head per lot) • Lots 75-79 - Red Angus Coming yearling Bulls • Lots 80-86 - Broseco Bull Rolls • Lots 87-98 - Commercial Females • Lots 100+ - Frozen Genetics (semen & Embryos) Sales Staff&Buyer Representatives: • Doak Lambert, Auctioneer - 972.755.1681 • Tom Woodward, manager Broseco Ranch - 940-393-6316 • Greg Comstock - 804-647-0127 • Clint Berry - 417-844-1009 • Ralph Means, Weekly Livestock Reporter - 817-235-9708 • Michael Sturgess, Southern Livestock Standard - 210.867.6863