Cross Diamond Cattle 12-14-2020

Scott & Kim Ford (308) 991-2452 72862 C Road •Bertrand, NE 68927 Your Age-Advantaged Bull Headquarters Join us for our Annual Production Sale on Monday, December 14th, 2020! Lot 1-- Reg. #4202800 Standout length and growth Lot 2-- Reg. #4202354 Bold ribbed, top 1% ProS Lot 3-- Reg. #4202882 Great performance and style Lot 4-- Reg. #4202086 Heifer bull with high ratios and high index rankings Lot 6-- Reg. #4202902 Depth, volume and thickness, top 5% HB Lot 11-- Reg. #4202422 A power bull with balanced profit predictions Lot 32-- Reg. #4202526 Length and depth to add pounds and profit. Lot 164-- Reg. #4201996 Heifer bull with a clean de- sign for calving ease. Your purchases are always guaranteed and backed by our complete customer service! View our auction and bid online at Offering... 235 Coming Two-Year-Old Red Angus Bulls - Including 8 HyBRED Bulls - - 350 Commercial Bred Heifers 1 Ranch Broke Horse